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Look below for my clients comments about our web page submission services, and also what they think about their listings on avermonter websites.

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Client's Comments:

Megan Smith, Innkeeper Vermont Inn

In the two years that we have worked together the visibility of my website has greatly increased. Our name, The Vermont Inn has always done well for visitors searching for "Inns in Vermont" but I had difficulty keeping my visibility in the competitive "Killington" and "Weddings" markets. Last year, after signing up on the different categories of "KillingtonResort.com" my winter web traffic more then doubled while I am consistently getting wedding and civil union inquires from your sites.

Most recently I notice a huge increase from www.4-vermont.com. This site was a big player in the fall traffic to my website and led to many bookings from people all over the country.

I look forward to working with you in the future and please feel free to use me as a reference when talking to new clients.

Megan Smith, Innkeeper Vermont Inn

$199.00 for year for listings In Two Towns on this website!

Client's Comments

Bob McGrath President/Owner Mountain Green
Calvin Eddy-White, Vice President
Mountain Green Ski & Golf Resort Killington

To whom it may concern:
We would like to take this opportunity to give recommendation to Terence Lernihan and his websites. Terry helped us improve our status on all major search engines as well as providing a useful link through his websites. Our hits have improved greatly and we are actually ahead of projections for business from our Internet programs.

The return far outweighs the cost for Terry"s services. We can easily and wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking to improve their web presence to use Terry to refine their Internet marketing. We feel Terry has a good understanding of our business as well as the ski industry and his ideas have proven to be well thought out and relative to advancing our web marketing. We plan to utilizing Terry's knowledge of tracking and search engines to maintain a consistent Internet marketing program.

If anyone has any questions regarding our work with Terry, please feel free to contact us.


Bob McGrath, President/Owner Mountain Green
Calvin Eddy-White, Vice President.

$199.00 for year for listings In Two Towns on this website!

Client's Comments:

Walter Findeisen
Martin Associates Mountain Real Estate

Mr. Lernihan,

Thank you for all your help in getting my website established with the search engines. I am pleased with the results and have positive comments from prospective buyers from all over the country who have commented on the ease with with they found their way to my office through your websites and with the help from your web submission services for our website.

I am happy to recommend you to other companies who also wish to increase their exposure on the web by listing on your websites and or letting you submit their web page to the search engines for great "keyword rankings" . Please don't hesitate to give our name or email address to your future customers.

Thank you,

Walter J. Findeisen Principle Broker
Martin Associates Mountain Real Estate

If you would like to be listed on this website click here,
or call 802-345-7828

$199.00 for year for listings In Two Towns on this website!

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www.KillingtonResort.com / www.Killington-Vermont.com
www.OkemoResort.com / www.Okemo-Vermont.com
www.Stowe-Vermont.com /www.StoweVermontResort.com

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Client's Comments:

Pat Barnett
Owner The Manchester View
Manchester, Vermont

Dear Terence,

This letter will serve as a letter of recommendation of your work on my website www.ManchesterView.com. You submittied my site to numerous search engines as well as updating my key words, this has resulted in my monthy stats increasing vastly.

Also the exposure on all the domains that you control have brought me a large amount of business for the past year.

If any one would like to speak to me personally I would be glad to encourage them to sign on with you.


Pat Barnett
Owner The Manchester View

Manchester, Vermont

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